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RCOR Services

Our Services

For an end-to-end integrated, profitable and innovated business

Software Development & Consultancy

We offer full-stack, creative & business oriented software solutions that drive revenue and scale up enterprises. Our services encompass a range of activities and expertise provided by professional developers to create, deploy, and maintain software solutions. These services can cover everything from simple web applications to complex enterprise-level systems.

RCOR Software Development & Consultancy

Data Processing & Backend Support

Our services involve the transformation and manipulation of raw data into a more useful and structured format. Digitize your data through secure and intelligent data extraction and processing. Save time and resources of your company by outsourcing such administrative tasks, data entry and so on to experts.

Claim Calculation & Litigation Report Writing

We use our automated calculation engines and our data processing capabilities to provide reports that precisely adhere to the specifications of our partners. We work alongside barristers, expert witnesses, and forensic audit experts.

Claim Calculation & Litigation Report Writing.jpg

Excel Business Solutions & Process Automation

RCOR offers Excel-based solutions for businesses to streamline operations and improve data management. We create advanced spreadsheets, dashboards, and financial models, focusing on accuracy and user-friendliness, driving productivity and sustainable growth.

RCOR Process


Initial Screening

Client tells us what they want and need. Timelines are set.

Our Team gets to work

Strategies and combinations are made.

Software Prototype

Our team prototypes the solution matching the requirements.

Deliver Tested Service

The custom-designed software is delivered.

Training and Customer Service

Provide support and maintanence.

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