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Claim Calculation & Litigation Report Writing


Our claim calculation and report writing service offers experienced professionals who accurately calculate claims and write detailed reports to help law firms achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

We save your time and reduce your workload, while providing exceptional service and delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

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Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) & Hire Purchase (HP) Claims

Mis-sold motor finance claims arise when a customer is given false, incomplete, or misleading information when buying or leasing a vehicle. This can happen through personal contract purchase (PCP) or hire purchase (HP) agreements, and may involve the car dealership, broker, or finance provider.
If you believe you have been a victim of mis-selling, you may be entitled to compensation for the costs incurred as a result. These may include the value of the car, interest paid, and any additional expenses.

Business Energy Claims (BEC)

Are you a micro business owner who feels like you’ve been tricked into an unfair energy contract? You’re not alone. In 2020, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets found that business energy brokers were frequently mis-selling contracts to micro businesses, leading to hidden fees, long contracts, and a lack of transparency. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. Business energy claims are similar to PPI claims, and can help you recover up to 20% of your previous energy bills. The average claim is worth over £25,000, with some claims reaching £240,000.
Business Energy Claims is a premier service offered by RCOR, designed to assist businesses in recovering money they may be owed due to incorrect energy charges on their bills. Our team of experienced professionals works 
tirelessly to review and analyze our clients' energy bills, identify any errors or discrepancies, and negotiate with energy suppliers to secure refunds or credits for our clients.

Undisclosed Commission Claims (UDC)

Undisclosed Commission Claims (UDCs) are a relatively new area of mortgage mis-selling. It refers to instances where mortgage lenders fail to disclose commission payments paid to brokers for arranging the mortgage. These hidden commissions are built into the mortgage costs, and borrowers end up paying for them without their knowledge. If these commissions had been disclosed, the mortgage would have been less expensive, which qualifies the borrower for compensation.
UDCs can be difficult to identify, and that is where we come in. Our team of experts is well-versed in mortgage mis-selling and has extensive experience in identifying undisclosed commission payments. We work tirelessly to determine whether you have been affected by UDCs and to secure compensation for you.

Mortgage SVR Mis-Calculation Claims (MSMC)

Are you a mortgage borrower who has been charged more than the agreed-upon interest and fees on your mortgage? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for mortgage SVR miscalculations.
A mortgage miscalculation occurs when a lender charges a borrower more than the agreed-upon interest and fees on their mortgage. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most common is following interest rate adjustments. After the fixed term expires, lenders are likely to move the borrower’s mortgage to a standard variable rate (SVR), which can be at the discretion of the lender. Each lender has its own SVR, which will be influenced to some extent by the Bank of England’s base rate, but not tied to it. If a lender fails to adjust their SVR in accordance with the Bank of England’s base rate during the life of the mortgage, the borrower may be eligible for compensation

Timeshare Claims (TSC)

A timeshare is a property ownership arrangement in which multiple individuals or groups share ownership and usage rights to a property, usually a vacation resort. Each owner purchases a specific period of time, typically one or two weeks, during which they have exclusive use of the property.
Timeshare claims refer to legal proceedings taken by owners seeking to cancel or terminate their timeshare contract and obtain compensation for any damages or losses suffered. This may be due to reasons such as misrepresentation of the property, hidden fees, or a lack of availability or quality of the accommodations promised.

PPI Redress Mis-Calculation Claims and Plevin Claims

PPI Miscalculation Claims are based on the premise that certain banks did not accurately compute the redress owed to customers who were mis-sold PPI policies. This means that some customers who were entitled to receive a refund for mis-sold PPI policies may have received less than they were owed. Our advanced technology and team of experienced professionals can help clients to identify if they were affected by PPI Miscalculation Claims and ensure they receive the full amount they are entitled to. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been one of the most significant financial mis-selling scandals in recent history. Many individuals who were mis-sold PPI policies have already received redress, but unfortunately, errors can occur during the calculation process. If you suspect that your PPI redress amount has been incorrectly calculated, RCOR is here to help.
Our noteworthy service


Introducing Quantum Matrix, the cutting-edge service exclusive to RCOR that will revolutionize the way you understand your claims. Our team of experts has developed an advanced algorithm that calculates the estimated quantum values for each claim. Our experienced mathematicians and industry knowledge allow us to analyze the contract date and APR, and generate the possible quantum values that clients can expect to receive for their claims.

At RCOR, we understand that the claims process can be overwhelming, which is why we strive to make it as transparent and accessible as possible. With Quantum Matrix, clients can confidently navigate the claims process, armed with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

Our advanced data processing capabilities enable us to process a high volume of cases in a single day, allowing us to provide our clients with timely and accurate quantum figures. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional service, and our Quantum Matrix service is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that our clients receive the best possible outcomes.

Quantum Matrix is a game-changing service that provides immense value to a range of clients, including claims management firms, law firms, insurance companies, and fundraisers. Quantum Matrix helps filter cases based on their quantum values, allowing them to focus on cases that are worth their time and effort. This improves their efficiency, enables them to manage their resources better, and ultimately helps deliver better outcomes to their clients. By using our advanced algorithm to calculate estimated quantum values, Quantum Matrix allows our clients to confidently navigate the claims process and make informed decisions, maximizing the value of their claims and gaining a competitive edge.
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