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A clothing wholesaler approached RCOR with the goal of creating a sales tool that could display their full catalogue, availability of stock, and all elements of their pricing, including setup fees, volume discounting, and the complexity of any embroidery required. The goal was to allow sales staff to build orders while talking to clients and instantly see the effect of changes. To develop a solution, RCOR worked with the wholesaler to review their existing Excel order form and identify the problems they were experiencing. One issue was that there was a separate order form for each season, which made it difficult for sales staff to upsell the bespoke embroidery service. Additionally, there was a lot of duplication in re-entering account details for existing customers. To address these issues, RCOR developed an Excel template to guide users through the sales process. Upon opening the file, users are prompted to select the customer and season's catalogue from which they are ordering. The salesperson is then required to finalize all orders as part of the submission process, which checks that they have attempted to sell embroidery for each product and rationalizes the form into a more readable format. Overall, the solution developed by RCOR has helped the clothing wholesaler streamline their sales process, allowing them to more effectively upsell their embroidery services and reduce duplication in entering account details for existing customers.

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