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A medical device manufacturer approached RCOR with the goal of improving their ability to track and compare usage of their products across different patient populations. The manufacturer builds sensors into their hardware to track usage, but the bespoke software they developed to monitor usage does not allow for comparison and contrast of usage across different patients and populations. RCOR was asked to develop an Excel front end to aggregate the data. One of the priorities for the project was to give the Excel file a web-style interface that allows a user to intuitively browse daily records for individual patients. As usage patterns may vary across the week, this required the ability to portray dates in a traditional calendar view as well as view usage on a flat chart and summarize usage in a pie chart. Another key component was the ability to gather statistics by age and gender. To provide instant access to all these views, RCOR used Excel coding (Visual Basic macros) to create a responsive spreadsheet. A doctor can specify age ranges when conducting a population study, and the cells to specify an age range are automatically hidden when viewing an individual patient's record. To help develop the various charts, RCOR implemented a feature that allows new data to be imported by clicking a button. Overall, the solution developed by RCOR has helped the medical device manufacturer improve their ability to track and compare usage of their products across different patient populations, enabling them to gather important insights into usage patterns and trends.

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