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A small trucking company approached RCOR with the goal of improving their delivery process. The company has 10 vehicles, each making several deliveries a day, and they have route planning software to plan deliveries. However, the software plans every palette separately, even if they are being delivered to the same customer. This made it difficult for drivers to know how many palettes they were delivering to each customer, and it was not clear to management how many locations each truck was visiting each day. RCOR determined that the source of the data was a fixed table containing vehicle tags, delivery addresses, and times from the route planning software. They used Excel to manipulate the data and consolidate each customer's information into a single line. However, they recognized that tables may not be easy to read when on the go, so they asked the client how drivers would like to see their schedules. The client indicated that drivers wanted a simple list of times and locations, along with the number of items to be delivered at each site. RCOR added code to an Excel spreadsheet to produce these schedules from the original data with a single button click. They also implemented a feature that allows the schedules to be sent straight to the printer at the depot, ready for drivers to pick up every morning. Overall, the solution developed by RCOR has helped the small trucking company improve their delivery process by providing drivers with a clear and easily readable schedule, and enabling management to track the locations visited by each truck.

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