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A local government approached RCOR with the goal of streamlining the sign-up process for health and safety courses required for their employees to perform their jobs, whether in traffic control or handling asbestos. Existing staff are offered the opportunity to attend these courses, and priority is given to those whose qualifications are about to expire. To understand the process and determine the best solution, RCOR talked to the client and determined that workers needed to be able to register themselves and their colleagues. RCOR developed an Excel system that included a shared registration file where employees could click on a name to register themselves. After a deadline, an administrator would assess the priority of each applicant and select the required number of attendees up to the course limit. The administrator could then import these registration documents into a single file where they could select attendees. By keeping all course records in one file, the administrator could more efficiently find substitute attendees if those slated to attend later dropped out. Overall, the Excel system developed by RCOR has helped the local government streamline the sign-up process for health and safety courses, ensuring that their employees have the qualifications they need to perform their jobs safely.

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