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Educational Institution

A school approached RCOR with the goal of improving their ability to monitor the achievement levels of pupils from different backgrounds and in different subjects. The school already used standard industry software to keep a register of each individual's circumstances, but they were unable to track performance in the same software. Collating the required statistics manually, including some from paper records, was taking teachers away from the classroom. To address this issue, RCOR looked at how much pupil data could be pulled from the school's online system and brought into Excel directly. This simplification allowed RCOR to construct a pupil database in Excel that could be updated at the click of a button, including the ability to quickly enter each student's grades. By creating a single database, the school could instantly slice the data by age, background, or any other criteria. The solution developed by RCOR also controlled the process by which teachers entered pupil grades, using dropdown lists to ensure accuracy. The outputs included a series of bar charts and pie charts that used slicers, allowing users to easily see the grades of female students in English, for example, by simply clicking a button for "female" and a button for "English." This made it easier for the school to identify problem areas and distribute charts at staff meetings. Overall, the solution developed by RCOR has helped the school improve their ability to monitor the achievement levels of their pupils, freeing up teachers' time and allowing them to focus on their primary responsibilities in the classroom.

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