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A contractor approached RCOR with the goal of improving the efficiency of their quote preparation process. They wanted to create a system in Excel that would reduce the chance of errors and save time. The contractor currently maintains their price lists in Excel and bills for staff, equipment, materials, and subcontractors on a "cost plus" basis, offering different discounts to different customers. After discussing the requirements with the client, it was determined that a custom solution was needed to handle the billing of partially used lengths or packs of some materials at the unit cost per roll or pack, while others would be billed as fractions. RCOR designed a solution that allowed estimators to perform additional calculations to determine the units required. To select a material, users can search for an item by its description using a pop-up box, which is faster than using a dropdown menu. The pop-up box also asks for any additional parameters, such as the area to be covered, to include the correct figures in the quote. The quote can be easily printed as a PDF and emailed at the click of a button. Overall, the custom solution developed by RCOR has helped the contractor improve the efficiency and accuracy of their quote preparation process, saving time and reducing the chance of errors.

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