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A group of foundations that collaborate to co-sponsor projects approached RCOR to streamline their application process and facilitate comparisons between projects. Previously, applicants were required to submit separate funding applications to each charity, along with full financial plans. To standardize the format of these financial plans, the foundations decided to create a new financial template in Excel. RCOR was tasked with creating a user-friendly template that would allow applicants to easily track grant incomes, identify funding gaps, and allocate funding to the correct years of the project. The template needed to be flexible enough to allow for the addition of expenditures to categories such as personnel and buildings. To make the template accessible and user-friendly, RCOR created a simple front page for applicants to enter their contact information and tables for revenue and expenditures that could be easily sorted and categorized. When a user clicks in an empty row to add expenditures, a pop-up form guides them through the process. Overall, the financial template developed by RCOR has helped the foundations streamline their application process and facilitated comparisons between projects, making it easier for applicants to secure funding.

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