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Automobile Repair Shop


An automobile repair shop approached our company, RCOR, with the goal of streamlining their communication with clients and improving the efficiency of their repair process. The repair shop did not have a CRM system in place, and mechanics were required to communicate updates and repairs to the administration department, which would then relay the information to the client. This was a time-consuming process that often led to delays and frustrated clients.

The Solution:

To address these issues, RCOR developed a CRM system that was integrated with the repair shop's Excel spreadsheet. The system allowed mechanics to update the status of repairs and communicate directly with clients through WhatsApp, without the need to share personal information. This eliminated the need for intermediaries and allowed for faster, more efficient communication between mechanics and clients.


The implementation of the CRM system provided numerous benefits for the repair shop. By streamlining the communication process, the shop was able to reduce delays and improve customer satisfaction. The integration with Excel allowed for easy tracking and management of repair progress, and the WhatsApp integration allowed for quick and convenient communication with clients. Overall, the CRM system helped to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the repair shop's operations.


In conclusion, RCOR was able to successfully provide a software solution for the automobile repair shop that improved communication and efficiency. The implementation of the CRM system allowed for faster, more direct communication between mechanics and clients, and the integration with Excel made tracking and managing repairs easier. As a result, the repair shop was able to improve customer satisfaction and streamline their operations.

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