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A food manufacturer approached RCOR to improve their product quality control process by tracking and analyzing data on past batches. Previously, this was done manually on paper, which made it difficult to identify trends or patterns in quality over time. The company wanted to create an Excel system that would allow them to track and analyze this data more effectively. The system needed to include a set of 10-12 questions about the product, such as its appearance, defects, texture, and taste, with responses that could be stored and timestamped. The company also wanted to be able to plot the quality of the product over time, using this data. To add value to the system, we decided to include visual prompts, such as images of ideal products, to help users compare the sample they were assessing to the gold standard. Our solution was an Excel file with a button that users could click to start a new assessment. Each question was accompanied by prompt images, and users could select how the sample compared to the ideal product. They could then move on to the next question until they finished the assessment. We also created a front page chart that users could use to view a chart of time vs. score for any of the questions. This allowed the company to track and analyze the quality of their product over time, and make any necessary adjustments to their manufacturing process to improve the quality of their products.

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